Neron (Rock band)

Once upon a time I played in a band called “Neron”. This page is dedicated to those who still remember this band or have developed a new interest in it.


In the time of our activity we produced one album and a few “singles”. The first two official recordings (from studio BonTon in Rogatec, Slovenia) were unfortunatelly lost in the cracks of time. You can find the rest in a .zip file (Size=71MB).

Songs 01-12 comprise the album “Beli prah” (White Dust), recorded in Studio Tivoli in Ljubljana in the years 1991/1992 and published in 1993. Recording S1 is our live performance on a radio broadcast “Radio Ga-Ga”. S2 in S3 are “singles” recorded later and never issued on a sound carrier.

Surprisingly enough our recordings found their own way to YouTube. Our fans who published them also took the time to garnish them with interesting animations. My hat goes off to them! Here are the links to the songs: