Plugin: LuckPerms

Plugin adds a permission system based on a group, that a user is in. The following groups exist:

  • Default – every new player, upon logging on to the server for the first time is put into this group. They can move and build freely, but that’s about it.
  • Member – most of the regular players are in this group. They can do anything the server enables, except for executing system commands.
  • Mod – moderator of the server. Can perform certain system commands.
  • Admin – server administrator. Can do anything.

Only an admin can move users to different groups. If you wish to change your group from “default” to “member”, send a mail to an admin, with the command:

/mail send nitram3 "Please promote me to member"
/mail send bokismoki777 "Please promote me to member"

NOTE: Currently we don’t promote people to “mod” or “admin”, so don’t bother asking 🙂