We have a Minecraft server running for several years now. It is open for everyone that can respect the basic code of good conduct. See below for connection and other data related to the server.

Server address: www.vosnjak.si

Server info is published here.

To see the interactive map of our “world” click here.

IMPORTANT: We have built a wall around a limited area that represents a border, inside of which, the world is not going to ever change. When a new version of minecraft is released, new animals and biomes are added, which we want to have on our server. Because of this, we will delete the area outside of the wall so that new biomes can be created. In short:  explore the outside of the wall at your leisure. But you may want to build inside of it, because the world outside of it will be recreated every so often.


  • 18.2.2024: Upgrade to 1.20.4
  • 5.11.2023: Interactive map of the world: We’ve replaced Overviewer with BlueMap.
  • 4.11.2023: Upgrade to 1.20.1